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by Yairus

Who Am I? eBook
  • Who Am I? eBook

Who Am I? eBook

  • eBook


Goody-Two-Shoes goes barefoot.... Will she find herself again?


Have you ever felt like you’ll never be good enough because you’ll never be perfect? Have you felt like your mistakes disqualify you from being loved and accepted by other people? I know I have. It’s easy to look at what we can or cannot do compared to others and get discouraged, thinking that we’ll never be good enough because we’ll never be quite like them. When we start to think that way about ourselves, we might even venture to believe that’s what God thinks about us, too. That’s a dangerous place to be. God made each one of us with unique gifts and abilities so that, together, each of us can reflect His glory. The truth is that God never even intended us to be perfect on our own in the first place! He created us for relationship—perfect love. He is merciful and gracious, giving us infinite second chances and always believing the best for us. He will always forgive us as soon as we turn to Him and ask, no matter how many mistakes we’ve made in the past. He doesn’t need us to have a perfect track record to qualify for His Kingdom. All He wants is our heart.

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