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RV Buyers...Look Inside
  • RV Buyers...Look Inside

RV Buyers...Look Inside

  • Look Inside


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You’re ready to see the world your way in a house on wheels. Investing in a recreational vehicle is a big-purchase decision, and many first-time buyers may not know what to look for when shopping.


In RV Buyer’s Handbook, Walter Gerber presents a guide to help you make sense of the ins and outs of buying an RV and to prevent you from getting a “lemon” or a “money pit”. Based on his years of experience camping and working as an RV inspector, Gerber offers a look at a host of factors to consider. He discusses the different types of RV’s, reviews the array of features available, shares maintenance considerations and tips, and helps you understand the unit’s many systems. 


From your first outing, to setup and tear down, to troubleshooting and more, the RV Buyer’s Handbook presents a single-source guide to help you navigate the process of choosing, equipping, and enjoying an RV.

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