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by Yairus

Did That Actually Just...
  • Did That Actually Just...

Did That Actually Just...

  • Soft Cover Edition


A lot of people will toss around the term miracle, but do we really believe that miracles still happen? Yes, God does the miraculous—crazy, wonderful, and unbelievable all the time! Together we will walk through six stories from the Old Testament and six from the New Testament. I will also share some personal stories from my own life that can only be explained as miraculous and God Driven. 


"Wendy is full of boundless energy! Her love for the Lord, her family, and her community is evident with every move she makes!"

—Sherri Lynn


"Wendy is Wonder Woman!"

—Carrie Nancekievill 


"Wendy is vibrant with the love of God, it flows out of her, and her face is always radiant with joy! She is an encourager, teacher, and go go getter!"

—April Barnes 

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