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by Yairus

Lord, Why Are My Thighs...
  • Lord, Why Are My Thighs...

Lord, Why Are My Thighs...

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What is it that God could do through you if you were willing to put your feelings of insecurities aside and allow Him to flow through you in power and might?!!! 


Each and every one of us has experienced a moment or moments of feeling insecure about ourselves in some way. In this Devotional, I will share with you my very own personal journey of the insecurities I have experienced and been able to overcome. This book is designed to take you on a 30 day journey of daily devotions and challenges to encourage you to recognize how incredible the Lord created you to be!!! It is my prayer that this book shows you that you are not alone in the feelings you have been experiencing. Everyone has felt what you have felt at some point. And now is the time to overcome those feelings and find victory at last! 

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