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by Yairus

Another Love eBook
  • Another Love eBook

Another Love eBook

  • eBook


Author, Becky Fitzel, experienced a divorce in her mid-30’s, and after several years of being on her own, felt ready for marriage once again. She was convinced her time of singleness had been more than enough preparation for this next chapter of her journey. It didn’t take long for Becky and her new husband to realize they hadn’t equipped themselves well for remarriage.


Another Love was written from a place of, “I wish we’d talked about that before we got married.” Sharing personal stories from their own successes and failures, this book challenges couples to ask questions they may not have considered, and create an atmosphere of honesty and vulnerability with one another.


As a couple, you stand on the precipice of something new and exciting, holding the hand of the one you have chosen to walk with. This might be a good time to make sure you’re not forgetting something.

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