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by Yairus

A Life For A Life
  • A Life For A Life

A Life For A Life

  • Soft Cover 6x9


Why does Jesus tell us to be perfect when we all know that's humanly impossible?


Regret. It gets us all at times. If we’re not careful, we can allow our own feelings of regret to morph into a mindset of shame and unworthiness, crippling our future and pushing us into all sorts of unhealthy coping habits. We might even end up believing the lie that God no longer loves us or can no longer use our lives for His glory because of the awful things we’ve done in the past. Why do we do this? What’s the actual root cause behind this slow, but steady, descent into despair? How can we stop it? What’s God’s perspective, anyway? Have we ourselves been taking on too much responsibility for the outcome of our lives, rather than letting God manage that as His job? If we want the answers, we need to learn the truth so that the truth can set us free.

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