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God commands the seeds to grow.

Become a Partner!

We are seeking your financial partnership to kickstart this movie project. We believe that God will open up the right doors and provide everything that we need to do a honourable job for His Glory.

Who's Our Role Model?

Have you experienced the heartfelt and inspirational stories produced by the Kendrick Brothers–Courageous. Fireproof. War Room. Overcomer. Facing The Giants and Flywheel? These Christian film makers are leading the industry and it's our goal to follow suit with our own life transformational stories that the full family will enjoy. 

What's The Movie About?

Thrusted into the role of ‘man of the house’ at the age of six. Jack finds himself on a spiritual journey that will change his life forever. From the falling out of his wealthy and famous father to heavy influenced environments to an elderly neighbour who offers her wisdom. Through his daily trials, Jack learns what it means to be a kid, to be a man, and most importantly what it means to be an ultimate son. 

Why Are We Seeking Partnerships? 

We are not your typical studio with large corporate budgets but a startup independent film company. Our funding comes from people like yourself who believe in our vision and partners financially to see the movie come to life. We are rooted in faith for this project and invite you to do the same with us. We also encourage you to stand with us in intercession. 

Pledge Partner Reward Levels

When you commit any seed in a given year, you'll be upgraded to the next level above and receive all the previous level rewards before it.

Rewards will start being available as of May 2024.

Make your Pledge today!

Thank you so much for partnering with us.

We will be in touch very soon with great news and rewards.

We process our pledges through PayPal. If you would prefer to send us an eTransfer, please call 825-712-9188.



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