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HEY! Welcome to our online auditions.

Be Discovered

We're looking for YOU!

Everything you need to know:

We are looking for experienced and non-experienced actors. If you have ever wanted to be casted for a movie, this may be that opportunity. If you haven’t already. Check out our Casting info page to learn more. Role descriptions will be available soon.


Auditions close October 15th, 2023 just before mid-night. 

Casting will be announced in early December 2023. 


Our Casting Team will be in touch regardless if you’re chosen for the role. We want to involve everyone as much as possible. We’re looking forward to reviewing your audition. Interviews will begin when we’ve selected the fitting talent. 

Filming will be set in Southern Alberta 

between July 3rd - August 20th, 2024 

(locations not yet confirmed). 


Gather The Relevant Information

  1. Personal Contact Info (First and Last Names, Phone number, Email address, etc.)

  2. WHY you want to audition (Why do you want to be in a Christian film?)

  3. WHAT previous acting experience do you have?

  4. WHICH role(s) would you like to audition for?

  5. THEN re-enact one of your favourite short scenes from a movie or TV show. 

Create Your Audition Video 

  1. In 3-5 minutes, introduce yourself and briefly share your answers from the above questions

(2 through 5).


Submitting For The Auditions

  1. Fill out the application below with your Personal Contact Info and answer the questions. 

  2. ​Upload your video with your application. ​​​

  3. Hit the Submit button!! ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Audition Application

Woohoo!Congratulations for submitting!

We'll be in touch soon.

Which role(s) are you auditioning for? More roles will be announced soon.
Are you interested in volunteering?
Would you consider becoming a pledge partner?
Upload Your Audition Video



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