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How does one sum up a life that spans almost 100 years of Ruth? All the world changes she has seen and had to adapt to. All the very personal tragedies, the restrictive struggles of aging... And also the prayer-born victories and joys. All life needs to be celebrated and passed on. Sharing our history with the next generation deposits a pride and a hope into those following that there is a way through all that we face. Ruth shares her faith in this book with you.... So as you read, hear her voice reciting each word. With an open heart, receive what Ruth has learned through these pages.

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Ruth Schultz

Mrs. Ruth Schultz was born August 22, 1922 in Onoway Alberta to Ida Smith and Victor Cecil Watkins.

In 1940 Ruth married Walter Schultz and was busy working on the farm, raising her 3 children, cook- ing in lumber camps, volunteering her time serv- ing in her church, cooking for Red Deer Lake and Ross Haven Bible Camps.

She learned and loved poetry and memorization at the knee of her maternal grandmother Lois Hartwig Smith (Walter Smith) Dewberry, Alberta, who passed away Feb. 1942. Lois and her sister Gladys MacDonald (Ruth’s aunt), from Lashborn, Sask., passionately loved and even wrote their own poetry.

Ruth has faithfully carried this family legacy: The Love of Poetry By Memory.
Ruth has delighted people of all ages and back- grounds with her reciting of poetry. When you visit with Ruth, you will find she has small pieces of paper filled out with a Bible verse or a poem to be mailed to someone who has been on her heart to encourage.

Ruth made a promise to her dear friend Anne on her deathbed to never forget the birthday of the little girl she was leaving behind. Ruth has for 56 years never missed.

Ruth is a faithful follower of Jesus who prays for and encourages everyone she sees. As time passes, she feels she still has much more to do for her Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

This book is a small part of her legacy to encourage those along their way, till one day, “I will meet them all in Heaven”.
It is her Great Honour to share this book and her passion for poetry with you and all the genera- tions still to come.

Ruth has been widowed since Sept 11, 1991 and lives in her own home and enjoys all her visits with family, 10 grandchildren, 10 great grandchildren and 5 great great-grandchildren along with all her neighbours and friends.

Mrs. Ruth Schultz is a wonderful Gift from God to this world.

As a publisher, it is a great honour to honour Ruth at this time by having a small portion of her favorite poems published as her permanent legacy.

Ruth Schultz


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