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However, there are not two perceptions but one vantage point, that of the heavenly with earth. It is a universal comprehension of God’s purpose for all humanity and creation. It is a seat for you in the here and now! Take it and be at rest!

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Cliff Newbury

Growing up with an alcoholic and abusive father, Cliff understands the identity issues that impact self-esteem, self-worth, self-confidence, and the stored emotional trauma and unhealthy core beliefs.

After months of counselling and reading about emotional immaturity and health, it was life-altering as his EQ and compassion for others flourished. A high school drop-out, Cliff made the decision to return to school and college at the age of 27 and chose a career path of serving others as a youth worker/counsellor for nine years, leading as a local church pastor for 18 years and another 14 years as an associate pastor of pastoral care, counselling & seniors care. 

While one cannot change past events, Cliff believes you can change how one feels about them and find a new way to remember them. With Cliff's personable approach, people feel at ease with him, and he has counselled hundreds of people. He has been honoured to be part of many weddings, family blessings and end-of-life ceremonies.

As an avid reader of many subjects in human psychology, desire/beliefs/behaviour, Cliff's interests are core to healthy life and relationships. His hobbies involve classic cars and tools and working with a group of guys to fix used vehicles as a ministry to those in need.

He and his wife, Marilyn, have three adult children and are blessed with four grandchildren.

Cliff Newbury


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