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He leads me beside still waters and He restores my soul.

A smuggled baby from China into Hong Kong, Anita’s life was filled with drama. Her dad a movie director, her mother the beautiful movie star; Anita grew up searching for love and the meaning of life. Living in luxury, fame and riches, her soul was void yearning for the truth. In 1984 USA Thanksgiving, she walked into North Shore Christian Centre knowing nothing about being born again, never one to cry in public, her tears flowed unashamedly as she just knew she just met Jesus.

From China to Eternity


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Anita Doo

I was born on Nov 13, 1949, in the Province of Shanghai, China and shortly before my birth on October 1, 1949, the Nationalist China government were defeated, Mao proclaimed the People’s Republic of China, my family had no choice but to flee. 2 years later, 1952 My father arranged a passage for my great grandmother, my nurse, uncle Charlie and I from the shores of Shanghai to Macau and later transferred to Hong Kong.

Migrated to Canada in 1975 and met my beloved in 1981, married in 1983. At 63 I grieved the passing of my beloved Oseman, been through the roughest grieving and mourning process.

Today in my 70's after the 9th anniversary of my dearest passing, I know it is time to write my story, the title was given to me by the Lord Jesus in 1988.

Anita Doo


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